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Your contribution supports a fundamental change in the way learning is defined and schools are designed. By giving to ECRA Education Foundation (a 501c3 non-profit), you are transforming education at El Camino Real Academy – one student at a time. 

El Camino Real Academy is a public charter school serving students from Kindergarten through 12th grade. This enables parents to have children of all ages attend, and the school community is actively engaged in their education from early childhood to graduating Seniors. 93% of the school’s population is eligible for free or reduced meals. As a result, the community spirit of our school is amazing, but funding is always a struggle. Currently we are in a “Lease-to-own” situation with our facilities, which leaves little room for improvements such as soccer/football/track fields or even basic playground equipment & maintenance.  Our ultimate goal is to purchase the facility outright, which will allow us to transform the school from a basic educational facility into a grass-roots community center serving the entire community.  Education, Sports, Counseling, you name it we will be able to provide it.  We have the will and structure to achieve this, but we need your help.  Please donate to the ECRA Education Foundation and spread the word!